Electrical Service

Electrical Services

We provide professional electrical services in Singapore from Monday to Sunday 24/7.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services
Home Lighting Design Power Failure & Trip Repair Exhaust Fan Installation
Electrical Upgrades Hi-tech Troubleshooting Child-proof Outlets
Exotic Outlet Installation Electrical Safety Inspections Track and Accent Lighting
Circuit Breaker Replacement Exhaust Fan Installation Ballast and Bulb Replacement
Wireless Lighting Controls Smart Home Automation Fan Installation
Electrical Inspections Specialty Receptacles Shock Prevention Devices
Landscape Lighting Bath Lighting Kitchen Lighting
Bedroom Lighting Recessed Lighting Energy Saving Lighting
Surge Protection Motion Sensors Wiring Upgrades
Smoke/CO Detectors Transfer Switches Circuit Breakers
Dedicated Circuits Home Electrical Safety Ballast & Bulb Replacement

Our electrician are friendly, experienced and can resolve all kind of electrical problems, so don’t hesitate to contact us! As a licensed electrical contractor, we can do almost any electrical works!

SSHreno provides you with the most reliable electrical services in Singapore. A home is believed to be the most secure place for everyone. However, there are various important aspects to be considered for the proper maintenance of one’s home and one of such aspects happens to be the electrical system which comprises electrical service panel, home wiring system, electrical outlets and receptacles. This is such an aspect which needs utmost attention and any negligence on this aspect may lead to a devastating outcome.

The more reliable electrical contractor you choose, the safer it gets. We have, to large extent been able to prove ourselves over the past many years through our excellent work. In this journey, we served many customers and their varying electrical requirements. The durability and the smooth functioning of our electrical systems have made us incredibly popular among the people. Our home electrical system solutions happen to be cost-effective, unimaginably durable and safe and this gives us a leading edge over our competitors.

Furthermore, you have our support team 24X7 by your side, just one call away to assist you with any technical difficulty or breakdown. Our support team comprises highly experienced and friendly executives to help you with any sort of query and resolve your issues in the quickest possible time. This is another reason for our growing popularity in Singapore and by now, we are almost a household name whenever it comes to the home electrical system.

Our professional electricians have an excellent expertise in electrical systems and you can rest assured of the best electrical framework without the slightest chance for any disruption. Even if you have a full-fledged electrical system and you are looking for a good electrician Singapore for some repairing purpose, you can easily find one at SSHreno. Most importantly, what our electricians strive for is to minimize every single possibility for any electrically related risk by proper insulation.

As per the complete designing of the electrical system is concerned, we usually try to comprehend the requirement of our clients to our best and only then, we begin to work on it. Also, our agents are instructed to take feedback from our clients even while they are working on the clients’ projects. That way, we ensure that our client is fully satisfied with the work.


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