Furniture Assembly Service In Singapore


So, you’ve just ordered your brand new sofas for your home, however they have arrived in parts, rather than put together. Whilst this can be a cheaper option, assembling your furniture can be a struggle. From complex parts to features that don’t seem to fit together, the experience can be both frustrating and time consuming. Rather than wasting hours of your day trying to put each part of the furniture together, our team can help. At SSHreno, we provide an outstanding furniture assembly service in Singapore.

furniture assembly service singapore

Our team of handymen are fully trained to put all types of furniture together. They undergo continuous training, which updates them on all new mechanical changes within the furniture industry, allowing them to put together even the most modern pieces. No matter how complex your furniture may be, you can rely on our knowledgeable team to complete the work for you. We can come directly to your home at a time that suits you, bringing all necessary tools with us to ensure the job can be completed effectively. This provides you with the time to get on with your day instead of struggling to put together your furniture. 

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to furniture assembly service in Singapore, the SSHreno team is truly the best in the industry. Our team have the skills required to assemble any furniture, no matter how complex it may appear. We take pride in our ability to put furniture together both quickly and efficiently providing you with a time-effective solution to your problem.

When putting furniture together yourself, it is very easy to make a mistake. More often than not, parts may look very similar, which can cause frustration, as well as damage to the furniture itself if it becomes placed in the wrong location. This could cause anything from a malfunction with the furniture itself to even a complete collapse- something that nobody wants. If the furniture collapses, this could damage it beyond repair, which will not only be very frustrating, but will also significantly increase your overall costs.

furniture assembly service singapore

Our team understand the many complications and parts of furniture, which ensures that furniture is always put together correctly the first time. By doing this, you can be confident that your furniture will remain stable whilst being used and will also withstand pressure from knocks that are likely to occur within the home.

We Complete All Work For You

At SSHreno, we take pride in our complete service. From the very onset, you can rely on our team to complete everything for you. Once you have contacted us and we understand the type of furniture you would like us to assemble, our team will bring all tools necessary to complete the job for you. We are able to assemble all types of furniture and are also able to assemble multiple pieces within a single trip if you require us to.

Upon arrival, we are more than happy to unpack your new furniture for you, ensuring that we can account for all parts before we begin. Once completed, our team will begin the assembly process in a location that best suits you. In general, we always complete the assembly in the room that the furniture will be placed. This reduces the amount of heavy lifting required and also allows us to place your assembled furniture straight into its new location. After the assembly has been complete, we will take the time to clean any mess that was made throughout the process. From our prior experience, this is not a messy process, however sometimes small parts can end up in the surrounding area. We will then leave your property, ensuring that all of your furniture has been successfully assembled.

If you discover that there is a problem with your furniture after we have left, our team are happy to return to your property to inspect the problem. If we spot a problem that has been caused by us, we are more than happy to resolve this free of charge. If there is a fault with the furniture itself, we can provide you with the advice that you require to get replacement parts or consider alternative solutions.