Electrical Service

Electrical Services

We provide professional electrical services in Singapore from Monday to Sunday 24/7.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services
Home Lighting DesignPower Failure & Trip RepairExhaust Fan Installation
Electrical UpgradesHi-tech TroubleshootingChild-proof Outlets
Exotic Outlet InstallationElectrical Safety InspectionsTrack and Accent Lighting
Circuit Breaker ReplacementExhaust Fan InstallationBallast and Bulb Replacement
Wireless Lighting ControlsSmart Home AutomationFan Installation
Electrical InspectionsSpecialty ReceptaclesShock Prevention Devices
Landscape LightingBath LightingKitchen Lighting
Bedroom LightingRecessed LightingEnergy Saving Lighting
Surge ProtectionMotion SensorsWiring Upgrades
Smoke/CO DetectorsTransfer SwitchesCircuit Breakers
Dedicated CircuitsHome Electrical SafetyBallast & Bulb Replacement

There’s certainly a great need to emphasize on the safety aspect when it comes to choosing electrical systems. This holds true for both residential and industrial premises. We are pretty much aware as to how dangerous things could be in case there is an electrical fault which is why it is always wise to choose the most reliable contractor. SShreno is one of those few electrical contractors in Singapore that have brought about a huge difference in the field of renovation and electrical work.

Distribution Switchboard, and Maintenance

No electrical installation is complete and reliable without the distribution switchboards such as Main LV Switchboards. Also, it’s pretty important to follow the defined standards for the construction and designing of the LV assemblies. Over the years, SShreno has been persistently delivering the right electrical systems for a wide range of applications. SShreno has brought about a huge improvement in the protection against direct and indirect electric shock with our wide range of products such as switchgear, relays, indicating instruments, fuse gears and more.

PUB Fit Meter and Testing

It is important that all water fittings comply with PUB (CP48: Code of Practice for water services). This is why you ought to choose a certified electrical contractor in Singapore and with SShreno, you can be certain of the best water fittings from flush valves, flushing cisterns to pipes, taps and more that conform to the accepted standards in Singapore.

Installation of Lighting and Power

We have excellent interior and renovation services for all types of offices and residences. Our services comprise installations of ceiling LED lights, related wiring services to checking of input cables and terminals. Most importantly, we largely emphasize the safety aspect and ensure that our lighting systems function brilliantly without the slightest space for any damage or risk.

Air Piping and Machine Power Supply

Leakages can be risky and it may lead to absolute disruption. At SShreno, we pay a lot of attention in offering you the best power supply for your machines and air piping that would eliminate even the slightest possibility of any risk as we closely monitor the systems and fix every leakage related issue in real time.

Most importantly, we have years of excellent experience which is why there’s absolutely no guesswork involved and what we do is totally based on proper examination and specialized handling of the tasks. This has made us one of the most reliable hdb approved electrical contractors in Singapore.