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Reliable renovation contractors Singapore


In today’s world of competition, everything about a company has got to be visually very attractive to catch the attention of the people and represent its brand. In fact, every aspect has to be taken good care of and one such aspect happens to be the office design and decor. Over the years, we have become a reliable, trusted, and popular office renovation contractor Singapore and we helped many offices with the right mix of architectural and decorative elements that can create a great impact on the clients and the employees. We have years of experience in handling the most complex office renovations. Most importantly, we are a registered certified and reliable office renovation contractor Singapore and have largely proved our expertise in this field.

Our Office Renovation Services


You can choose between the ceiling grid system and the gypsum board flush ceiling as per your need. If you are looking for simple functionality, a grid ceiling can be pretty suitable for you and if you are looking for great aesthetics at the entrance or reception area, the gypsum board flush ceiling is the ultimate one to go with.

Demolish and Reinstatement

As most of the tenancy agreements in Singapore have a reinstatement clause wherein a tenant needs to restore a rented space to its original space after the lease is over, you can hire professional services from us and we will do all the removal and relocation of everything. We will remove the furniture, dispose of unwanted items, remove floorings such as vinyl, tile, and carpet and dismantle temporary fixtures like lighting.

Design and Welding

We have excellent expertise in designing and welding structures and all our staff have been brilliantly trained for the purpose. With our design and welding services, you can be assured of excellent durability since we use high-quality materials. Most importantly, we put a lot of emphasis on the safety aspect.

Door installation

We have a brilliant team of proficient carpenters to advise you on the type of doors that are most suitable for your office. Also, our team is competent in delivering every kind of door that you may possibly want for your office.

Renovation Contractor Singapore
Interior Design

Flooring work

Over the years, we have largely proved our excellent expertise in flooring work. We have different types of flooring. Besides, we use affordable carpets that absorb a lot of sounds. Also, we have tiles for flooring in many designs. Most importantly, our office renovation contractor Singapore have attained a decent understanding of the various office flooring requirements of the customers out of our years of persistent work in this field and you can rest assured of the warmest and brightest look with our epoxy flooring. We are committed to giving you the best flooring at the most affordable price.

General renovation

Our team comprises extremely dedicated and passionate professionals who always have the best advice for your organization when it comes to renovation in Singapore and if you leave it to us, we certainly can get you the best general renovation in Singapore terms bearing in mind the office space and the number of employees working in it.

Glass Panel and Glass Door Installation

You can’t imagine the amount of positivity and energy that can be added to your office and the workplace with the use of glass. Over the years, we have helped many transform their offices into a wonderful hub of innovation and enhance your office’s ambience with the use of our glass wall and glass doors.

Partition and Erection

We completely understand the importance of privacy in offices and in fact, we can help you subdivide your office the way you want and make the most of our office space. The kind of materials that we use are pretty durable and easy to maintain as well.

Staircase Installation and Refurbishment

We have various types of Staircases for your office and most importantly, we can help you find the most appropriate staircase that would get along with the rest of the office design.

Engage Sin Siang Huat as your Licensed Renovation Contractor

For examples of our past projects, check out our gallery and hear what our customers have to say. We are the licensed renovation contractor in Singapore that has helped hundreds of clients shape their workplaces for the better. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your needs and tailor our solutions specifically for your business. As a pioneer in the field of office renovation technologies, our tried and tested methods help to deliver your desired look in a timely fashion at a more than reasonable price.

Do you want a renovation in Singapore but have too much equipment in your office for it to be worth the trouble? Worry not, we will take care of all the logistics hassles for you! Leave it to our licensed office renovation contractor Singapore to handle your assets with the utmost care. Get in touch with our friendly service staff today and receive a free quote!

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