Your Guide To Finding The Right Tiling Contractor For Your Home & Business

Your Guide To Finding The Right Tiling Contractor For Your Home & Business

Several distinct elements must come together for a home and office renovation project to be effective. The budget, the contractors, the materials, and the design are all crucial factors. So it seems to sense that you would handle each of those components with care.

For instance, you could opt to tile your kitchen floor, bathroom floor, or even your shower stall after careful consideration. The following stage is for you to find the best home and office renovation contractor Singapore for the task after you’ve chosen the material. Here are some useful hints for choosing the best tile installer.

What Should I Look For In A Tiling Contractor?

A person who specializes in placing tiles onto a certain surface, such as your shower walls, bathroom floor, or kitchen floor, is known as a tiling contractor, tile contractor, or tile installation specialist. Here are some of the crucial characteristics you should search for in a tiling contractor Singapore.

References & Referrals

Seek recommendations from those you know. You may consult an interior designer, a general contractor, or even the employee of your neighborhood hardware shop.

Make sure the tiling contractor you are interviewing has experience working on projects with a similar scale.

Requesting references from the tiling contractor is another wise move. This will enable you to assess their level of experience. Ask the correct questions when verifying references, such as whether the tiling contractor followed the budget and schedule, whether there were any deviations from either, whether those deviations were justified, the tiling contractor’s timeliness, and ultimately, whether the referee would consider rehiring the tiling contractor.


A tiling contractor can be referred to by anyone. However, having knee protection and a grouting gun does not automatically make someone qualified for the position.

You require a CTI (Certified Tile Installer). Tiling contractors can obtain certification through organizations like the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) and the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA).

Although not all tiling contractors may be certified, a tiling contractor who is will appear more trustworthy. The type of tile work a contractor excels at is a crucial factor to take into account when selecting them. A tile installer with expertise in floor tiles might not be the greatest choice to tile your bathroom walls.

Ceramic and porcelain tile installers may not be experienced enough to handle glass or natural stone tiles, which sometimes need some customizing and cutting. Similar to how not all tiling contractors are equipped to complete the complex labor required to create a backsplash.

And make no mistake—even though they install tiles on roofs, roofers and roofing contractors lack the knowledge and expertise necessary to install tiles on your kitchen wall or bathroom floor.

Red Flags & Quotations:

Never hire the first contractor you speak to. Make careful to meet many potential tile installers and obtain as many estimates as you can. This can help you put the cost of your tile job into perspective and provide you with the information you need to select the most affordable contractor.

Before you finalize the sale, take note of these warning signs. Be wary if a contractor estimates a price significantly less than what other tiling contractors are charging! Verify the contractor’s contact information once again. Move away if anything—such as their address or phone number—seems wrong.

Before you start the process, make sure to receive everything from the contractor in writing. The extent of the job, the materials to be utilized, the labor expenses, the timeline for the work, and the payment plan should all be included. 

Typically, contractors receive a portion of the total money up front and the balance after finishing the job. If a contractor requests payment in cash up ahead, it should alert you to a problem.

Verify the contractor’s internet presence to see whether it is reliable. Finding evaluations and past projects to work on might be difficult, which may indicate that the person you are working with has much less credibility than they are letting on.

Sole Tiling Contractors Or Tile Installation Companies

Which is better, a tiling firm or a skilled handyman? Both choices, though, offer advantages and disadvantages.

An experienced independent contractor, for instance, might be able to collaborate with you more personally and pay closer attention to the minute aspects you have in mind. Prices might also be more adaptable.

He might not, however, have as much access to premium materials as a big tiling firm would. It’s also possible that his schedule won’t be as flexible as you’d want.

On the other hand, a business will always have access to resources for goods and labor.

The price will undoubtedly be less adjustable, which is a drawback. Regarding the expertise of the resources that will be working on your project, you also have very little influence.

Average Price:

Here are some typical expenses for your consideration as you begin planning, while the exact costs of your tiling job will depend on the extent of the labor and materials you use.

200 square feet of floor typically cost between SGD 4.2K and SGD 5.5K to tile. You may expect to pay around SGD 65 per square foot for a 75-square-foot countertop and about SGD 70 per square foot for a 30-square-foot backsplash.

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