Your Guide to Finding an Office Renovation Contractor

Your Guide to Finding an Office Renovation Contractor

Office renovations are a monumental task which needs to be properly considered. These renovations will not only give your office a new space, but also bring about benefits for your employees. One of the most important things to note when thinking of doing an office renovation is to get a reliable and licensed renovation contractor.


Renovating an office is not easy and hiring a reliable and licensed contractor is the best approach when rebuilding. Not all office renovation companies in Singapore are the same and finding the best contractor for your office will take time.


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Benefits of an Office Renovation

If you are undecided on getting an office renovation, there are some factors you can consider. This includes your employees’ happiness, the company image, company culture, office layout and passing trade.


Having a proper space to work, with new equipment and comfortable conditions will help employees work more efficiently. An office that makes use of space to enhance efficiently can help to increase productivity as well as boost their morale.


Remodeling can lead to better use of space. You can get creative with the office layout, creating more collaborative areas within the office. Remodeling is a preferable and cheaper alternative to moving, which has it’s own expenses.


There are many features you can include for your office remodel to bring benefits to your employees. These include:


  • Improving lighting to ensure employees are able to see the tasks they are working on
  • Improving technology and power systems can help to improve their productivity
  • Increase collaborative workspaces to encourage employee interactions
  • Improve storage capacity


Consider Employees’ Input

As offices are known as people’s ‘second home’, due to them spending large chunks of their time there every week, it is important to pay attention to their feedback when considering an office renovation.


The World Green Building Council’s research found that there is an overwhelming correlation between office designs and employee health, productivity and wellbeing.


To create a conductive environment, it is important to gather employee feedback and take them into consideration.


Finding a Contractor

When looking for an office renovation contract, it is important to find one with a reliable and extensive portfolio that suits your financial plan too. This means that the contractor should have wide ranging expertise in the office.


An experienced office renovation contractor should have the ability to access work flow while proposing developments that will strengthen well-being, productivity and efficiency of employees.


Before hiring an office renovation contractor, it is important that you seek suggestions from certified professionals and research on the contractor — through reviews and online searches. Additional referrals from others are also a bonus. You can start narrowing your search once you have gotten a general list of prospective contractors.


From here, you can start narrowing down your list, eliminating those who do not fit your strict criteria. Some pointers which you can take into account would be budget, working relationship, customer care, ethos, communication and standard of work.


Hiring a Contractor

While you can consider past home renovation contractors, it is important that the contract has experience in office renovations. While you may have already experienced their services before and may be reluctant to hire someone unfamiliar, office renovations are different from home renovations.


Remember to check that your contractor is qualified and has the right experience for office renovation works. This is also commercial projects, like office renovations, have different building codes and permits to follow.


Thus, when selecting a contractor, find one that is specialised for office renovations to save you and your company money, time and effort. Some general renovation specialists may not meet the needs of a different project, such as an office renovation.


Having a Successful Office Renovation

To have a successful renovation, there are some steps that may help you. First, you will need to determine your renovation objectives. This means taking into account what needs to be improved and employee feedback. You will also need to determine a timeline for the project as well as the renovation budget.


Once you have gotten your objectives and requirements down, you can start searching for a licensed office renovation contractor to design and build your new office space.


When selecting a contractor, it will be an asset to hire one that also has expertise in office interior design. Before hiring a contractor, take a look at their portfolio and past projects for reference. This will help make sure that you are hiring a renovator with knowledge of the project.


A good contractor will tailor a plan to meet your company’s requirements, timeline and budget, further producing a high quality product. When selecting, remember to take into account the contractor’s portfolio of similar works as well as their reputation. 


Optimise your office with a reliable office contractor that will result in long term benefits. Find a reliable and licensed contractor that will help make your office better and more efficient for your employees. It is important to keep your employees in mind during this process too.