What To Look For In A Great Painting Contractor In Singapore

What To Look For In A Great Painting Contractor In Singapore

Painting a room can have a significant impact on its overall character and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to transform the space in your home, office or a business, it’s important you choose the right color, but more importantly the right individual to complete the work. Choosing the right contractor will ensure the job is completed right the first time and won’t require countless changes or repairs later in time. Though the initial investment may appear expensive at the time, it will help save you money and hassle down the road. Basing your contractor solely on price can result in you choosing an unlicensed, inexperienced, or unqualified painter which will mean the work has to be re-done only a month or two after the initial project has been finished.

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So, how do you begin to search for the right painting contractor in Singapore? What are the different things you should look out for? Here are 6 points you should consider when looking for painting services in Singapore.

1. Make Sure The Contractor Is Insured

Though it may be a bit of an awkward question at first, you want to make sure that your painting contractor is fully insured before they go ahead with any work. It’s important to remember that the contractor will be working throughout your house or property. Although you may be insured on your property, the contractor that you hire must have insurance as well. When looking at the contractor’s insurance, you must ensure they have comprehensive business liability with at least a million dollar limit. This will ensure your property is fully protected from any damage that can occur. Additionally, it’s also important to make sure your contractor is carrying workmen’s compensation to protect each worker that helps with the project. This protects you from being liable for any accidents that could unexpectedly occur. In no circumstances should you ever have to rely on your homeowner’s insurance. Make sure you have evidence of both insurances before you agree to hire any contractor.

2. Ensure Your Contractor Is Fully Licensed

Before you get started it’s important to note what license is needed to complete the work. Some licenses are for only residential or only commercial properties. Others will be required for smaller jobs but not larger ones. Do your own research as to what license is needed and make sure that your contractor has the appropriate licensing for your property and the project in question. You can find out what license is needed through a quick Google search as well as see if the contractor has any unresolved complaints.

3. Always Ask For References

If a contractor has no prior references this is a very big red flag. Even those who are new to the profession will be able to provide you with a reference from the college where they gained their qualification. If you ask your contractor for a reference and they hesitate or make an excuse, send them out the door. Any high-quality painting contractor in Singapore will take pride in their work and therefore will be happy to provide you with references. The higher skilled individuals may even provide you with references before you ask- this is a sign of a great candidate.

Once you have received all references, see if you can speak to someone who recently had an experience with the company. This will help you to gain further insight into how they operate. Additionally, you can also speak to a client who had work completed months before. This will allow you to get a feel for how the contractors techniques hold up over time.

4. Ask About A Warranty Or Guarantee

Any company that uses quality paint, doesn’t cut corners and prepares for each job will always support the quality of their results. With most reputable contractors a one to three year warranty will be offered. Look through this warranty and ensure that both labour and materials are covered should you encounter a defect. Make sure you understand all exclusions and ensure the warranty is in writing.

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5. Look For A Trade Association Membership

A highly skilled painting contractor in Singapore will likely be a member of a trade association. This is a sign that a company is stable in its operations. This will also show that the tradesman is committed to their trade and will always guarantee the highest quality results no matter the size and scale of the work involved.

6. Ask What Materials Will Be Used For The Work

Before any work is completed, make sure that your contractor specifies in writing what materials they will be using for the work. Sub-par paints won’t last very long and won’t hold up against weather and wear and tear. They also won’t cover up any imperfections in your wall, which won’t look very aesthetically pleasing to you or guests who come into your home.

Make sure that you avoid a contractor who is using or recommending cheap products. When it comes to painting, paying more will usually always result in a better outcome. The more expensive the paint, the longer it is likely to last in the future. While asking about materials, also ask your contractor what prep work they will complete. Ask how they will repair prior damage such as flaking, holes and rough edges before they get started.