What Questions Should I Ask a Painting Contractor?

What Questions Should I Ask a Painting Contractor?

There will be a transformation in your entire home if a can of paints is in the right hands. It can change a lot, like enlivening full facades and revival of tired old surfaces. However, if it gets into the wrong hands, then for sure, your home will end up looking sloppy. In this regard, you need to hire the right painter to paint your house. This requires you to do detailed research and a thorough process to hire. Also, it requires asking some questions to know about them better. 


One of the major ways to find yourself a good contractor with the best paint job is to find locally and asking some right questions. The contractor you are getting work from should be locally reputed. He should be the one who cannot afford his reputation to get tarnished so that he will get done his best with top-end results. The painting services Singapore should be highly reputed so that they will paint your entire space with smoothness.


There is the best painting contractor in Singapore that you can hire but still consider asking these questions before making your final decision.

1. Do You Have Customers That Can Verify The Quality of Your Work?

The professional painting contractor should have a list of homes that he painted in recent times. They can speak to the homeowners and elaborate about the first experience they got from the contractor. However, if there would be a very small number of homeowners speaking for the contractor, then that’s dubious because they could be friends or neighbors of the contractor. 

2. What will be The Preparation process for My Home before Painting?

This one is another important question, and it is important for your contractor to answer it in a detailed way mentioning each step. If he is only offering vague details, then there is something not right. Ask your contractor to mention the entire preparation process on paper and make them sign it with a date. The preparation before painting includes repairing the holes and bad spots on the wall. The surface that needs to get paint should be scraped or sanded for the removal of oil paint as much as possible. You should also ask about the number of workers that will be part of the preparation. Those who don’t know about it should note that preparation is equally important as the painting itself is. 

3.  Ask about the grade of paint getting used during painting:

The grade of paint matters a lot. Following this, the homeowner should demand using premium grade paint. It is important because the cheaper grade of paint often makes the wall bleed through just after a short period of time. Also, it does not stand quite well simply for daily wear and tear as the premium grade paint will. The number of paint coats should also be written and signed by the contractor that how much he will apply. 

4.  How Many Workers Will do They Work and How Much Time It Will Take?

There are times when the contractor tells you that many painters will be the part of the word to get it done quicker. But the number of workers gets lessen as the work begins and goes on. This can make the actual painting take twice as long as the contractor told priory. This is something way too common, and there is no guarantee even for the written contract that the number of people assigned will come and the work will get finished on time. Yes, the contract does not get done in a way there is mentioned, but still, it is leverage for the homeowner. 

5.  How Much Will The Overall Work Cost?

Never get fool to believe that low price is the best consideration for painter contractor. There is no guarantee that a low price will give you a good job. Your contractor cannot give you the exact amount before initiating the work, but he should provide you with a good and clear estimate as the work begins. 

The contractor cannot give a clear estimate before the work completion because he does not know and control the supplies’ increases. And another of the most common reason is that the homeowner frequently changes their mind about several parts of the home in several ways when the work is in between. This is why the contractor can only give precise estimates before the work. 

The homeowner should take estimates from different contractors alongside asking other details and then handle the job to one who seems to be the most reliable. 

6.  Is There Any Warranty for the Painting Job Getting Done?

A premium grade painting on the wall should last for almost ten years according to the weather conditions around the area. There should be a written guarantee for the job, and it should be provided following everything around the area that what could happen. 

Final Words:

It is not easy to find the right painting contractor because there are a lot. Cost alone could never be the reason to make a decision that which contractor will work in your home. Painting services in Singapore are varied and a lot, so you need to do proper checks and questions to know about the credibility and reliability of painting contractor Singapore. Apart from the cost, consider every other factor before choosing a painter for your home as it represents you.