Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Dreaming up a new kitchen or spa-worthy bathroom may be the most fun part of renovating, although it is important to know how you can choose the right renovator for the job. When it comes to finding a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore, it can be difficult to know where to start. The job at hand is extremely important and a well-completed job will ensure that your new room will last for years without any hassle. As a result, it is important that you trust in the skills of your renovator enough to provide you with a fantastic job.


Many of us have heard of the many nightmare stories when it comes to contractors. We have all heard of people who were overcharged, who worked with contractors that did not finish the job and individuals who paid only for the contractor to leave shortly after. Don’t be someone who is going to get scammed. Instead, take a proactive approach to finding the right renovation contractor in Singapore. Here are some of the best questions that you can ask to find the best contractor for you.


Can I See Some Customer References

One of the best questions that you can ask any contractor is to ask for references. Customers are your very best source of information as they are likely to be as honest as possible regarding their experience with the contractor. Ask their past clients a range of questions suchh as ‘were all deadlines met on time’ ‘was the work completed within the given budget’ and ‘what were your best and worst experiences’. Make sure you get the very best out of your conversation, ensuring that you believe you have an understanding of how the contractor works from a clients perspective.

How Long Have You Worked In the Area

In order to be successful in the industry, contractors are required to perform high quality work and maintain a good reputation with suppliers and other contractors. By asking them how long they have been in the area, you will have an idea of whether or not they are well known. In general, you need them to be more established as well as have a team of highly qualified subcontractors. If they are unknown, this may be a slight red flag from the very onset.

What Is the Timetable of The Project

After you have heard the schedule from the contractor as well as assessing the needs for the project, you can work with your contractor to work out estimated start and end dates. You need the project to have a predicted end date as this gives your contractor something to work towards. If you need the project to be finished by a certain date, let this be known from the onset. For example, if you need your kitchen completed by the winter let them now. Delays are often very common in the industry due to a number of factors, which is why you should always set deadlines. After all, these can always be renegotiated. There are many things contractors will not see before the project, which can cause delays. Always be aware of this.

Who Will Be Completing the Work

Will the contractor you’re in contact with be performing the work, or will it be someone else? It is important to know who is doing the work as the person you’re speaking to may not always be at your home. If this is the case, ask to meet who is performing the task before the start of the project. This will allow you to get to know who will be completing the work for you.


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Can You Put Everything in Writing

Every single detail should be included in a contract. This must include everything such as payment schedules, timetables, materials to be purchased, and other essential items. Before any payments are made, make sure that you have everything down in writing. A good contractor will not mind this at all.

Will You Obtain A Permit?

Permits are required for most professional remodeling jobs. This ensures a building inspector has reviewed the project and approves. Be extremely wary of contractors who will not obtain one, as this is a red flag straight away.

Are You Fully Licenced?

Most areas will require contractors to pass an exam as well as take yearly educational courses in order to maintain their license and insurance. This way, the insurance covers any incidents that may occur on the job. If this is not the case, then an injury bill could be sent to you as the owner of the house. Make sure that your contractor is fully licensed before you consider proceeding with any job, as this will protect you from any unnecessary costs.


By getting to answers to each of these questions, you can be more confident when going into any project.