Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Interior Renovation Singapore

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Interior Renovation Singapore

Starting your home interior renovation Singapore is an exciting journey. It comes with endless opportunities to renovate your living space and reconfigure the existing structure layout. One of those areas where you can never learn by ear is property renovation. Your project needs to be properly planned to ensure you don’t miss anything or skip steps that need going back and doing repairs later on or incurring extra costs.

When your home renovation is performed correctly, your home will become a beautiful and useful place for your family. But, if it’s done in the wrong way, disaster can be the only result. Don’t worry; here, we will help you know about some common mistakes homeowners make when renovating their homes.

Before you start working, use our top interior renovation mistakes to help you create an organised plan and steer clear of common mistakes that can end up costing a lot of money.

Interior Renovation Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Ignoring the Small Details

When remodelling your house, take some time to think about your lifestyle and potential future demands. It’s crucial to pay attention to little things like the door, window, lights, outlets, and traffic patterns. This will help you ensure functionality and effective space utilisation. You should choose warm lighting at night and cool lighting throughout the day for your lighting.

This is true in spaces like the living room, which sometimes serve as gathering places for relaxation and entertainment. If lighting is not proper, the interior and exterior of your house could appear dull and unwelcoming.

Not Planning Your Space Properly

Planning your home’s layout mostly involves determining its intended use and the occupants’ needs. It’s a crucial element that makes effective use of available space. Inadequate space planning can be demonstrated by unusable kitchen layouts that don’t allow for enough workspace or by having a room where your furniture doesn’t fit. Thus, it is advised that you consult with a reputable renovation contractor Singapore to obtain the finest guidance for your living areas.

Selecting the Wrong Materials

Choosing the right materials for renovations is a question that homeowners should also ask themselves. However, a design conflict may not seem like a big deal; a poorly thought-out choice could have considerably more detrimental effects. Your home’s beauty, durability, sustainability, performance, and completion timeline can all be impacted by the materials you choose for your restoration. Making poor material choices increases future repair costs and possibly lowers your home’s worth if you’re not attentive.

Improper Lighting

Interior designers are skilled at performing such activities because they undergo years of training and work with this type of material on a regular basis. On the other hand, errors are inevitable when attempting to complete it alone, particularly when it comes to lighting. A pleasant atmosphere in your house is mostly dependent on the lighting, which, if done poorly, can result in a number of gloomy spots.

Starting Renovation Too Soon

When renovating a newly purchased property, take your time. You’ll learn what goes where if you spend time in the area. You may refer to it as intuition or by another name. If you follow this easy step, everything will start to fall into place in front of your eyes. After you determine what belongs where, half the effort is done.

Removing Structural Walls

Load-bearing walls can be demolished, but only if a structural engineer certifies that they have sufficient structural support to ensure that the integrity of the building is not compromised. Removal of walls to create open-plan living spaces has become extremely popular. However, it’s not a decorative task; in order to support the weight of the structure above, it needs to be done with precise calculations and an appropriate supporting beam. A structural survey may be necessary.

Don’t Forget to Check the Natural Light

Spending time in each place at various times will help you measure the quality, strength, and softness of the light, which will help you plan the arrangement of your room. Also, sunlight varies with the seasons. This method makes sure you pick the ideal décor and colour palettes to maximise natural light without making smaller or darker spaces seem cramped or depressing.

Larger windows, including picture windows, patio doors, or bi-fold doors, can improve areas lacking natural light and enhance the aesthetics and comfort of a room.


Now, you can do your home interior renovation Singapore effectively. With the help of these common renovation mistakes, you can create an organised and clear plan for your renovation. If you are still trying to figure out where to start, you can connect with Sin Siang Huat Renovation. We have years of experience and expertise in interior renovation that help you achieve the desired look. You can connect with our team to start your home renovation today!