Interior Renovation Singapore

Interior Renovation Singapore

Are you looking for an interior renovation in Singapore? Well, don’t you worry, we have got you covered. Here at sshreno, you don’t have to worry much as we have 40 years of experience in Interior designing and electrical work. We have advisors who can give you advice on how to renovate your home. If you are still looking for some ideas, well dont worry, this article will help you redesign your house. Here are ten ideas that will help you in redesigning your home. Let’s get into it, shall we?

What is Home Remodelling?

Before discussing the ten awesome ideas we have for home renovation, you should first understand the term home remodelling. Basically, the term home renovation and home remodelling are almost the same. The only difference being is that in-home remodelling, you remodel the whole house; meanwhile, in-home renovation, you might change the furniture or paint your walls with a new colour. Due to an era of technological advancements, home interiors can now design houses through the power of Software before remodelling your house. Usually, they use Auto Cad or any reliable software. 3D designs help a lot when it comes to home remodelling. It also shows the company’s vision, which helps the client understand what the company is talking about.

Ten Ideas for a New Look to Your Home

Here are ten ideas that will help you redecorate your home. Redesigning is very fun, and if you give your input to an interior renovation Singapore Company, they will implement how you want your house to look. Here are ten ideas that will make your house look even better. Let’s dive deep into it!


  • Lower your living room


This is based on a recent trend going around in the redesigning community on Reddit. Basically, you have to lower the floor of your living room. This makes the living room look even bigger than it actually is.


  • Use that hidden area under the stairs of yours!


Depending on your stairs, you might have a small corner or a large corner, which is usually unused. It would be best if you used this corner for your benefit and put some shelves or furniture that can transform the look of your stairs to a whole new level.


  • You can easily maximize your space with Baseboard drawers!


These baseboard drawers are very slim and can create a lot of space. They can also be used as cabinets where you can store all of the late-night snacks that you can eat without anyone stealing them. These drawers can also be placed beside your bed or any space that looks empty.


  • The Exterior should look as beautiful as the Interior.


Usually, the Exterior of most homes is neglected. Which makes the house lose property value when selling? So when you are remodelling your home, make sure the Exterior isn’t neglected. Some simple upgrades to the Exterior of your house are:


  1. Adding a garden
  2. Changing your mailbox
  3. Adding colorful paint to your house
  4. Adding cool colour’s so the Interior of the house is cooled
  5. Window boxes


  • Create more space!


Another great idea is to create more space by changing your furniture. Usually, slim furniture creates tons of space. Another way is to use a pullout-cabinets that open outward, which create extra counter space and also look very stylish.


  • Upgrade your kitchen


You can upgrade your kitchen, which will feel unique and also make your misses happy. There are many kitchen ideas, from an American kitchen to having a minibar in your kitchen. It’s all up to you, basically, but I would still advise asking the misses. Having different types of appliances can also help, as most modern appliances are very convenient.


  • Colour coding


Be mindful of different colours, just like how you wear your clothes outside, with clothes having a contrast. Just like that, it should be applied to your home. Don’t make the mistake of using hard colors. These colors tend to increase the heat inside your house. Instead, use soft colors such as blue and white. Colours should create a different feel and aesthetic and not damage the overall look of your interior home designing.


  • Play with lights!


Yes, change your light fixtures. Usually, lighting can create a different atmosphere and feel to your house. Some interesting focal points are:


  1. Over your desk
  2. In four corners of the wall
  3. Halogen light bulbs


And there are many more places where you can place light fixtures in your house.


  • Experiment with using different shapes of furniture


It is quite self-explanatory; basically use different shapes of furniture. You dont have to use the same old regular rectangle shape furniture. Swap out your rectangular sofas with an L-shaped sofa. In a small bedroom or any room, every detail matters, from the shape of your furniture to the colour of your wall and many more.


  • Don’t forget to use open shelves.


One of our favourite ideas for adding an extra visual dimension to your house as you progress through your home remodelling is to install open shelving. It would be best if you had a handful of shelves to show your antiques, trinkets, and other collectibles, and you can keep them entirely exposed or cover them with glass doors. You may also use baskets, books, or any other household accessory to embellish shelves.

Hassle of Thinking Too Much

The best part of HDB Renovation Singapore through a company is that you don’t really have to worry too much. As we are professionals and we can come up with tons of ideas for your house. You don’t really have to think about where the shelf will go or what colour the wall should be. Giving your input is a must so that we as a company can understand what your vision is and implement the most of it. So contact us here on our website, and let’s get started