How to Select a Tile Installation Contractor?

How to Select a Tile Installation Contractor?

Thinking of getting a makeover for your house? Getting the right tiles is so crucial. With the advancing of the era, tiling has become even more technical and needs a systematic review before starting.

Being a customer, there are thousands of questions that popup in your mind.

Questions like:

What will the tile be like?

What size should it be?

Will it go with the aesthetic of the kitchen and the dining room as well?

How long will these last?

Will there be dents soon?

And much more…

All these are valid questions. SSH Reno Tiling Contractor Singapore will be there to answer all your queries in a respectful and creative manner.

Choosing the perfect tile holds so much value. Considering the tiles health which includes the tile being free of fine cracks, flaws or erosions needs an eye of the contractor. Tiling contractors in Singapore are keen to get a good burnt tile for every block of your house. We guarantee only a sound, hard and well-shaped tile is chosen for every renovation project.

Our respectful insight, gives us a privilege of being the chosen Tiles contractor in Singapore.

With all this background, it is still relatively difficult to pick the best tiling company. It’s easier said than done when it comes to trusting someone with furnishing and renovating your home.

For a little guide, here are 4 simple steps to book the right company:

Step 1: Look into the qualifications.

Accessing what skill level the contracting employees are on is a must. What and how many projects have they undertaken previously? Give a look at clientele reviews and what customers are saying about their services. Apart from having a good hand in tiling, contractors in Singapore should also be in good character and responsible.

Step 2: Look up for references.

We are in the era of fast growing internet. Social media has been on the rise since the past decade. There are numerous groups on Facebook where people connect. The best way to go about is to ask for suggestions on the best tiling contractor in Singapore. Hear from people about their experience with the specific company. Having a word of mouth is the best way to be on the edge.

Step 3: Visit the website.

When you hear about the company and sort of get a bit motivated, go on their website. When you scroll, you get a know-how of what the company’s aesthetic is like. It is important to recognize if you match with their hindsight. Go to their Gallery and view their design of work. These projects will assist you better understand the company’s art boundaries and its workflow.

Step 4: Meet up with Prospects

After you have shortlisted Tiling contractors Singapore, schedule a meeting with them. A one to one talk is always better for both the parties to understand each other. Both can look into the terms and conditions of the opposite party.
You can for example ask for the insurance certificate, the expected installation date and/or the number of people working at one time.

Step 5: Look for Red Flags

The last step but so crucial is to look out for things you won’t be tolerating at all. You rule out those things. And then those companies. It’s not advisable to just rely on your friend’s advice because you may dislike something your friend really likes. So be alert in your meetings and drop if it doesn’t match your vibe.

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Moving further, it is advisable that you are well equipped with the understanding of a tile installation process.

Every customer may have doubts along the journey.

  1. Questions might arise while choosing the best material. Should it be Porcelain, natural stone, ceramic or glass? Too many types to be confused with? So some insight on their quality and durability should be available. Working on what type of material actually comes with the purpose of tiling. For office work, it is necessary to handle premium material. On the other hand, the tiles used at home may lack some benefits.
  2. How elevated are the surfaces of the tile?

        A mild elevation is usually recommended. It seems to be usually feasible.

  1. What will be the drying time for the tiles?

        Making sure that enough cure time is allotted is a healthy determinant of    outcome.

  1. Adding to this, you have to absolutely think about expansion sites on the floor.

How many sites will be allotted for expansion? These sites should be such that the tile expands and contracts without compromising the integrity of the tile. This also ensures the longevity of the tiles. Obviously, not everyone can afford unexpected breaks in the tiles.

These are the some points you need to consider while getting into tiling business.

To conclude, tiling seemingly is a simple task but requires deep logistics. SSH Reno takes care of everything. From A to Z, it has to be well thought and planned.

Douglas Wilson has rightly said ‘Ripping up the carpet is easy, tiling is the issue.’

Thanks for reading. We hope the article was insightful enough and will help you find the appropriate tiling contractor in Singapore