How to Find The Best Interior Renovation Contractor for Your New Home?

How to Find The Best Interior Renovation Contractor for Your New Home?

Home renovation is a job that takes a lot of courage and planning to go smoothly. If it is not planned well, it can easily go off the rails and you will be left cursing yourself for why you did not plan it well. And one important aspect of making sure that your interior renovation goes as planned is to hire a good interior renovation contractor Singapore. 

Hiring a reliable renovation contractor ensures that your interior renovation Singapore goes smoothly as you have planned it and that the end result is what you expect it to be. 

Now you must be wondering how you can find a good renovation contractor with so many options around you. Don’t worry!! Here are a few tips that will definitely help you find a good and reliable contractor for your interior renovation Singapore. Read on and act accordingly…

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need is the most critical part of hiring a good renovation contractor for the job. Home renovation is a broad term and the scope of work is vast. From bathroom renovation, and roof installation, to the kitchen make-over, everything comes under interior renovation. However, these all jobs are different and require a different set of skills to do the job expertly. Some contractors might be good at roof installation and some might be good at kitchen renovation. So, first, identify what you need and then look for contractors that are experts in that particular field.


Now that you know what you need, you can start your search by asking for recommendations. Ask around your family and friends for renovation contractors who have done work similar to what you need. You can also search on Google for the best renovation contractors near you. However, don’t just select the first recommendation that comes your way. Do the necessary research about their credibility.

Experience And Expertise

Experience and expertise are very important and you must not ignore them. Look for renovation contractors Singapore who have proven experience and expertise in your desired scope of work. If you need roof installation services, look for contractors who are experts in roof installation. Similarly, if you want to redo your bathrooms, look for contractors who are good with bathroom renovations. 

Check Portfolio

Interior renovation is all about aesthetics. There is no point in renovation if it doesn’t improve the way your house looks. So, feel free to ask for a portfolio from renovation contractors. This will help you understand their caliber and quality of work. 

License And Insurance

Some renovation work needs a license and permits. So, always ask your contractor about the license and permits for the work you want to be done. Moreover, all good home renovation contractors provide insurance to their workers to ensure the safety of their workers during the construction work.

Some Important Questions To Ask

Good communication ensures that your contractor has completely understood what you need and will try to match your expectations. Here are a few questions that you must ask your renovation contractor:

  • How are they planning to do the work?
  • What is the time frame of the work?
  • What materials they will use?
  • Have they done any similar projects? 
  • Will they take care of permits?
  • Are their worker insured?
  • How you can contact them?
  • What will be the payment schedule?

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Option

We understand you want to save money and want to hire a renovation contractor who charges you the lowest. However, it is not a good practice and there are many red flags in hiring the cheapest renovation contractor Singapore

If they are charging lower than their peers, they must be adjusting the cost in some way. Either there will be some hidden charges which they will later or they will use low-quality products that will completely damage your renovation job. So, always look for contractors who are offering market competitive rates and take quotations in writing so they don’t change it after job completion.

Pay Gradually

Our last tip is to don’t pay upfront, ever. Always agree with a gradual payment plan. Set some milestones and their cost, and pay after every milestone. This will ensure that the contractor will not leave you hanging in the middle and would complete the job on time. Moreover, with gradual payment, you can also inspect the quality of work and decide whether you want to continue with the same renovation contractor or not.

We hope our guide will help you find the best interior renovation Singapore company. You can also skip all these steps and hire Sin Siang Huat Renovation for your home renovation. We have 40 years experience in providing home renovation services in Singapore. Whether you want to redo your kitchen, or you want an entire interior renovation, Sin Siang Huat Renovation aims to provide the quality of work that exceeds your expectations. Feel free to contact us for a free quotation.