How To Find A Reliable Renovation Contractor In Singapore

How To Find A Reliable Renovation Contractor In Singapore

Have you bought a new house?


Or you have rented a new apartment?


Do you want to decorate it like the house you saw in the movie?


You can certainly do that but you would have to invest a lot of time and effort. Why not hire a reliable interior renovation contractor in Singapore to help you decorate your dream home?


With so many options available, finding the best and reliable renovation contractor Singapore can be a daunting task. But don’t worry!! We are here to help you with the difficult task. Here are six easy steps to help you find a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore.

1. Make a List of Your Requirements

The first step of finding the best home renovation contractor is to evaluate your requirements. Flip through home renovation magazines or go through Google search and make a list of your requirements. From choosing the color of your bedroom walls to the fabric of your sofa in the living room, include everything in the list.


And don’t forget to make a separate list for needs and want. Under ‘needs’, you should include things without which your home wouldn’t feel like your dream home. And under ‘wants’ you should include which you fancy but are not necessary.

2. Set a Budget

Next, you should allocate a budget for your interior renovation Singapore. There are three factors that determine the cost of your home renovation:


  • Size of your home – obviously, the bigger the house the more would be the cost to renovate it.
  • The complexity of renovation – for simple renovation tasks (changing wall color or doors) the cost would be lower as compared to complex tasks like building your kitchen from scratch.
  • Property type – condos, apartments, resale houses, all have different renovation complexity hence different renovation costs.

3. Ask for Recommendations

Now that you have your requirements and budget sorted, it’s time to search for probable reliable renovation contractors in Singapore. The easiest way is to ask your friends or family for renovations. Or if you adore someone’s interior, you can ask them for their renovation contractor.


Couldn’t find any reliable renovation contractor Singapore through recommendations?


Don’t worry!! You can also look for renovation contractors’ advertisements in the newspaper. Or Google search reliable renovation contractor near me. You will surely have plenty of options in your hand.

4. Check Experience and Expertise

Now you must have plenty of interior renovation options. But contacting each and every one is not a good idea. So, we suggest shortlisting the few best contractors that look best to you. The best way of doing this is checking which contractors are providing services that you need and they have the license to perform renovation work in your area.


Another thing that you must look for in their portfolio. A well-reputed and reliable renovation contractor would showcase their best work to gain trust. Also, by looking at a portfolio you would better understand their experience, expertise, and quality of work.

5. Ask for Quotations

Next, you should meet personally meet the renovation contractors and ask for quotations. Some would offer you extremely high rates and some would offer you extremely low rates. The key is to choose the contractor that fits your budget and provides quality services.


A pro tip here is to run far away from contractors who are offering unrealistically low rates. Either they are using low-quality products or there are hidden charges which will eventually cost you more than the estimate, so it is better to stay away from them. And don’t forget to get the quotation in writing for future reference.

6. Read Reviews

Now you must be having two or three contractors who are providing your desired service within your budget. And choosing between them seems to be a daunting task to you.


Do you need a pro tip here?


Check their reviews and testimonials. Reading customer feedback is the best way to analyze the quality of services provided by a company. So, start searching their website and social media accounts for reviews. However, the internet is full of scams and these reviews can be deceptive. Therefore, choose wisely and stay away from contractors with too good to be true kind of reviews.

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