Guide to Choosing a Tiling Contractor in Singapore

Guide to Choosing a Tiling Contractor in Singapore

While there are many different contractors to choose from, picking a specialized contractor for a particular service is ideal. If you are considering doing a tiling renovation, it is important for you to find a specialized and reliable tiling contractor.


As tiling is costly, it is important to find a good contractor that wouldn’t waste your money and time.


Tiling contractors will help you install tiles on floors, walls and ceilings of buildings. The work of these contractors are physically demanding, will irregular working schedules.


Read more to find out about cover pricing, services, specialization and reviews for you to make an informed decision when choosing a contractor in Singapore.

Benefits of Hiring a Tiling Contractor

While tiles can help to enhance the look of any area, they can be pricey and difficult to install. Thus, finding a specialized tiling contractor can help you. Professional services can help to bring multiple benefits.


One main benefit you can get from hiring a specialized tiling contractor is that they can finish the job in a certain amount of time while providing high quality work. As they are experienced, they would be able to produce work efficiently.


Another benefit is that they are able to provide you with the latest technology to get the work done. This is especially important when it comes to cleaning your tiles. As tiles attract dirt easily, it is important that they are cleaned often. With professionals, they can help you to clean and treat tiles safely.


With professionals, they can also help to give your tiles proper finishing. This means that your tiles would not have any uneven edges, further enhancing the room.


So, how can you make an informed decision when choosing a tiling contractor? We have come up with 5 steps you can take when considering a tiling contractor in Singapore.


Request an Estimate

When searching for a tiling contractor, you should ask for an estimate price for your project. As different contractors may have different prices, you should ask for an estimate to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. It is also important that you take a look at their quality of work along with their quoted price.


Testimonials and Portfolios

When searching for a tiling contractor in Singapore, you should do extensive research and look out for testimonials from other clients. Testimonials are statements and reviews that are written by past clients. These testimonials can help reassure you that you will be receiving quality work.


You can also talk to direct clients or previous clients to get their personal experience. With this, it will help you feel more reassured and will help you make a firmer decision.


Not only can you ask for their testimonials, you can also take a look at their portfolios. This means looking at the final products of finished projects. This way, it can help you get a comfortable look through their past work and decide if you should hire them.

Tile Showrooms

You can start searching for your ideal tiles contractor at tile showrooms. These showrooms can help you browse various tiles and allow you to decide which tiles suit your home best. Furthermore, these tiling showrooms will provide an extensive list of tiling contractors for you to choose from — cutting down time and hassle on your part.

Educating Yourself

Before deciding on a tiling contractor, it is also important that you educate yourself on the process to get the most out of the service. General knowledge can help both yourself and your future contractor. This will also help improve the communication relationship between you and your contractor.

Get to know more about the tiling process, to ensure that your contractor does not take advantage of the project. You can easily do a quick Google search to familiarize yourself with the process, to help ensure that the installation is done properly.

This will also help to avoid future tile problems. Else, you may have to do costly tiling repairs in the future. Understanding the process will help save you money in the long run.

Asking Questions

Before hiring a tiling contractor, it is good to ask some key questions to learn more about their process. Some questions include:

  • What is the duration of the project?
  • How much tile is needed for the project?
  • How many people would be working on this project?
  • Have you worked on similar projects before?


While it may be tempting to hire an all-round contractor, it is recommended to hire a specialised and licensed tiling contractor. Ensure that you do adequate research, through testimonials, portfolios and experiences, before hiring one. Doing in depth research will help save time, money and frustration in the long run.


Choose a contractor that is both proficient and experienced in the work to ensure that your tiles are professionally installed and resistant to potential damages.