Guide on Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan Installation in Singapore

Guide on Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan Installation in Singapore

Among the most crucial items in a home is a ceiling fan. Due to the extreme heat in Singapore, it is critical to cool the space efficiently and promptly. The majority of us don’t think twice about going to the store and purchasing the first ceiling fan that catches our eye. Choosing the right ceiling fan is a science in and of itself. Here is a complete guide for selecting a perfect ceiling fan installation in Singapore.


The fun part is picking out a design! You’ll be loaded with choice with the different designs available once you’ve determined the size that is feasible. Choose from a variety of styles that will suit your floors, varying from Swedish to Modern. One can match the colour of the ceiling fan to the rest of your decor, or go with a neutral tone for a safer option! A fan’s number of blades is more of a design feature than a functional one. A three-, four-, or five-bladed fan will perform similarly, so pick one depending on personal preference and aesthetics.

Fan with Singapore Safety Mark

Ceiling fans bearing the Singapore Safety Mark should be purchased. These ceiling fans have been thoroughly tested in Singapore and are suitable for domestic use.

Energy consumption

The usage of a DC ceiling fan can save up to 50% on energy. A DC fan typically uses 40 watts, whereas an AC fan uses 80 watts. Whereas you sleep at night, DC ceiling fans give a more peaceful environment.

Airflow of the ceiling fan

The amount of air displaced by a ceiling fan per unit of time is known as airflow. It is expressed in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFPM) (CFM). The greater the CFM, the more powerful the breeze to quickly cool the room.

Room Size

It’s critical to pick the right fan size for the room or venue. The size of your ceiling fan will be affected by the size of the room. The diameter (blade span) of a fan is used to determine its size, which ought to be equal to the available area. It is necessary to purchase a ceiling fan that is neither too small nor too large. A fan that is too small will make the space uncomfortably hot. A fan that is overly large will produce excessive noise and poor performance. For optimal wind flow and performance, we recommend a minimum clearance of 50cm around the fan. That’s a distance of 50cm from the side walls.

Position of the ceiling fan

Installing the fan above the activity area, such as on top of a sofa, dining table, or bed, is ideal. As a safety precaution, all ceiling fans should have a 0.3m clearance on both sides, far from every walls or high interiors, including open door wardrobes. If you have a large room, we recommend installing two fans in the middle rather than one. For regions lacking wiring, Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore assistance is offered to move the fan and run a new point. Instead, we normally recommend installing the fan in the lounge area, as this is where many of us spend most of our time.

Height of ceiling

It’s critical to hang the ceiling fan at the correct height to avoid accidently knocking it off when it’s positioned too low or defeating its purpose when it’s hung too high. A ceiling fan’s height from the surface should not be less than 8 feet or 96 inches. A flush-mount is required for low ceilings. A plunging layout, on the other hand, is essential for residences with high ceilings. A down-rod length of 6 inches should be used in a residence with a 9-foot ceiling, 12 inches in a 10-foot ceiling, and 36 to 48 inches in a 14- to 16-foot ceiling.

Ceiling fans with Light

Proceed by deciding the quantity of light available in the space. Do they really have enough lighting? When evaluating whether or not your fan requires a light kit, keep these factors in mind. Several advanced fan types equipped with a built light installation provide a suitable alternative. Light installation  Singapore are indeed an excellent choice for ceiling ambient lighting, though they may need to be complemented with the other light fixtures. A Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore with a light provides sufficient lighting system in a room. Several lighting kits include dimmers, making it simple to change the brightness. There is ambient lights, natural day light at, and task lighting, as well as a multiple night light for movies or children who are terrified of the dark.

Ceiling fan installation Singapore, like any other household appliance, have a repertoire of strategies to consider when making a decision to get the most return on investment. This guide will assist you in selecting the best ceiling fan for your home. Come to SSHreno for the best ceiling fan selections, pleasant and expert sales advice, and efficient installation.