General Contractor vs. Licensed Renovation Contractor

General Contractor vs. Licensed Renovation Contractor

Do you want to rebuild your home or building? You must be looking for a contractor at the moment. But let us share that it is not the contractor you should be searching for, and you have to finalize the type of contractor you have to be looking for.

If you need to renovate the exterior of the building, you might need a general contractor. However, if you need to redo the internal structure, you might need an interior renovation in Singapore. Once you have finalized the type of contractor under consideration, let us share the different situations when you have to hire the general contractor or the licensed renovation contractor. So, let’s get started with it:

General Contractor vs. Interior Renovation Singapore:

Here’s how both the general contractor and interior renovation Singapore may differ:

Nature of Projects:

While hiring a general contractor, you can be sure that they can handle any remodeling, renovating, and exterior management projects. You don’t have to be very precise if you are hiring such an individual.

In the case of the interior renovation Singapore services, you have to be specific about the nature of the project. These contractors can only handle the tasks specific to the internal servicing; you cannot expect them to take anything beyond the interior designing scope.

Scope of Duties:

The general contractor is not an expert in a particular field. Instead, they work as a project manager who manages experts or professionals in a specific area.

In the case of interior renovation in Singapore, the scope of duties is quite specific. You can expect them to revamp your interior only.

Personal Involvement:

In hiring the general contractor, you don’t have to be much involved in the process. The professional expert can handle all such things on their own. You just have to tell them what you want to be done and set the budget. The rest can be automatically done.

Contrarily, the interior designer might involve you at every step. You want to share what you like, how you want certain things, and what’s your budget.  Besides, the designer might want to get your approval upon every purchase to go as they are planned.

Insurance Requirement:

Another aspect that you have to care for is the insurance requirement. To get help from the general contractor, you need insurance matters to be taken care of. All the workers working under the particular contractor will have to be ensured to minimize the risk.

In interior decorating projects, you don’t need to have any insurance involved. The contractor working on your project can efficiently work with your design and decoration element without any particular issue.

Price of the Project:

Another difference that you can find between the general contractor and the interior renovation contractor is the project’s overall value. Mostly, while hiring the general contractor, you have a broader scope of duties assigned, which can cost you higher.

In the case of interior designing projects, the cost varies greatly. The project cost can be meager to very high. Usually, you have a wide range with much discretionary power so that you can manage things accordingly.

Guarantee of Quality Work:

The guarantee of quality work is a dubious concept. It depends on the individual contractor, the scope of work, and expectations from the experts. In both cases, the licensed renovation contractor and interior renovation Singapore, all these factors are essential and must be given high value. So, without analyzing the details, we can’t comment much on it from both perspectives as a third party.

Complaint Handling:

You can find another difference between the general contractor, and the interior designer is the complaint handling. You’ll have to mention any problems in work to the general contractor as they are the contractor and would be managing things for you during the renovation process.

Unlike the general contractor, the interior designers work in a team or are the employees of a larger company so that you can complain against their service delivery to the larger organization. Even if you have hired a small interior renovation Singapore company, you can expect your complaint to be better heard than the general contractor scenario. Although, such a scenario might differ in individual cases.

Summing Up:

Hiring a licensed renovation contractor and interior renovation Singapore requires a different scope of duties. So, you must analyze the type of work that needs to be done before hosting a particular individual or a company. 

If you aim to get a better-looking interior, interior design or a company providing interior design should be your choice. If your aim is structural reformation of any kind, then a general contractor can do your work.