All You Need To Know About Wall Plastering Singapore

All You Need To Know About Wall Plastering Singapore

Wall plastering was a popular way of protecting walls in ancient walls. People used to plaster their walls with mud to protect their walls from vermin and extreme weather conditions.

Wall plastering Singapore is still a popular method of protecting walls and homes. Here is everything you might want to know about wall plastering.

What Is Wall Plastering?

Let’s first understand what exactly is wall plastering?

Plaster is a paste-like building material that is applied to the wall basically to smooth out the brick walls and protect them. The paste, when dries up, becomes hard and gives a smooth finish to your walls. The process of applying the plaster to walls is called wall plastering.

The modern-day plaster is prepared with gypsum, cement, sand, and water. At first, a dry mixture is prepared by mixing the dry ingredients. The dry mixture is then worked to form a stiff paste by mixing water. The paste is then used for wall plastering.

Why You Should Go For Wall Plastering?

Now that you know what is plastering and how it is done, you must be wondering why it is so important. Here are some reasons why wall plastering is essential and you should plaster your walls.


No one likes dry, rough, and dirty-looking walls. Wall plastering gives your wall an aesthetically pleasing look. It smoothens the dry and rough walls and also enables interior designers to decorate your walls. Different colour patterns can be drawn on your walls using paint after plaster. Moreover, aesthetically pleasing moldings are also carved into the last layer of plastering to give a beautiful carved wall look.

Smooth And Strong

Wall plastering gives a smooth finish to your dry brick walls and also makes them stronger. The plaster is a thick paste and when it dries up, a chemical reaction occurs which strengthens your walls. 

Environment Friendly

Wall plastering is an environment-friendly method of protecting walls. The materials used are natural and no trees are harmed during the process. Moreover, wall plastering stays undamaged for a long time and you don’t need to re-plaster your walls for several years.

Who Should Plaster Your Walls?

With so many DIY wall plastering tutorials available over the internet, you must feel tempted to do it yourself. However, you should hire a professional to do the job expertly.

Below mentioned benefits of hiring professionals for wall plastering will definitely help you make up your mind. 


Wall plastering is not like installing partition wall Singapore. It is much more complicated than installing a plywood wall with some nails and a hammer. You need to know the exact proportion of materials required and the process of applying the plaster to the wall.

Wall plastering requires expertise that only a professional has. So, hire a professional from a reputed company like Sin Siang Huat Renovations to do the job for you.

It’s A Messy Job

Wall plastering is a messy job and you must clean your room before wall plastering Singapore. A little negligence in this regard can damage your expensive carpets and sofas. Moreover, there is a lot of dust and dirt while doing the job which can cause lung issues. Professionals are used to doing this messy job. They will first make sure that the room is secure to avoid any damage. Also, they have special masks that will protect them from lung issues.

It’s Dangerous

Wall plastering involves climbing up the walls and lifting heavy objects that are a dangerous job and will get extremely dangerous if you are not used to doing such jobs. Professionals are experts in balancing and they also have specialized equipment that is required to do such dangerous job safely. Moreover, they are also insured so in case an accident occurs, you will not be responsible for it.

Save Your Money

The biggest temptation for a DIY wall plastering project is saving money. However, most DIY wall plastering projects end up costing you more than what a professional wall plastering project would cost you. Your inexperience and lack of knowledge will make you doing a mistake that will destroy the whole wall plastering and you will have to hire a professional to take out the damaged wall plastering and start the job all over again.

Job’s Done Quickly

If you opt to plaster the walls yourself, it will take you at least two days to plaster a single wall. However, professionals are experienced and trained individuals who are experts and will do the job half of the time. Moreover, professional wall plastering services come with a team of professionals and equipment that enables them to complete the job in very less time. So, if you want to save your time and energy, hire professionals. They will make sure that your walls are expertly plastered and the job is done as quickly as possible.

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