5 Things you need to know before Hiring Partition Wall in Singapore

5 Things you need to know before Hiring Partition Wall in Singapore

Contemporary buildings have open floor plans, which give the rooms a feeling of space and connectivity. Yet, the same characteristics that are advantages can have disadvantages. You need to sometimes specify areas and their functions rather than always utilizing the fork.

Open floor layouts are great, but they can be challenging to use. Consequently, if you’re attempting to divide a living space from an eating space, add extra storage, or install privacy screens that can be swiftly taken down during a party, a partition wall Singapore may be of assistance. It may meet your home’s fundamental needs while adding a luxury touch.

Sin Siang Huat Renovation aims to mold our clients’ experiences with space management and use. We provide end-to-end solutions, working closely with our customers from architectural designs through structural support, installation, and maintenance.

Fixed, folding, and collapsible partition wall types are all available with Sin Siang Huat Renovation. Partition walls may be shaped differently for practicality and aesthetics, such as heavy, light, thick, or thin. Their specifications center on a structure’s layout and the supplies used to create it.

Sin Siang Huat Renovation has invested much time and effort into refining space management and security over the years. We stand out from the competition and give our clients high-value experiences in partition wall installation and wall plastering Singapore thanks to our drive to excel and dedication to our area of expertise.

Difference between Drywall and Wall plaster

To build a plaster wall, the traditional method is to cover the framing studs with wood lath, thin strips of wood attached to the studs horizontally and spaced apart. To close the gaps, the worker spreads a foundation coat of plaster. Subsequently, the surface is given a smooth finish with two or three additional topcoat treatments.

Conversely, thick, paper-covered sheets of compressed gypsum drywall are available. It can be fastened to the studs with screws or nails; screws are preferred. You still need to use a joint compound, a product similar to plaster, to cover the gaps and create a continuous surface.

What do you need to consider before choosing a partition wall?

When choosing a partition wall, take into account the following purchasing considerations to enable an educated choice:


When choosing a partition wall, one of the primary considerations is aesthetic attractiveness. Aesthetics are fundamental to corporate branding. Customers form lasting impressions of businesses that are appealing and well-run.

So, consider how each split might improve your workplace. The most important things to ask yourself about aesthetics are: Do you want a more open and roomy workspace? Do you favor fashionable or conventional design more?

Wood partition walls are more suited for traditional and segmented workstations. Yet, materials like glass and aluminum provide a more airy, modern feel.

We provide wall systems with the most features, finishes, and flexibility to our international clients in the manufacturing, government, commercial, and industrial design sectors. Our solutions may be built from the ground up or adjusted to work with current wall infrastructures.


Compared to its glass or aluminum equivalents, wood walls are sturdy. These dividers are more suitable for long-term solutions because of their density and lack of movement. Problems may arise if these walls are moved or repositioned to meet organizational needs.

Glass or aluminum partition walls offer greater flexibility and are simple to deconstruct to accommodate shifting demands and requirements. They may be taken apart to make room for additional construction or to turn a space into one that promotes greater productivity.

We have assisted our international design and corporate customers in driving the evolution of their office settings, from the introduction of our first modular wall to the plug-and-play advancements of the present.

Financial Value

Typically, partition walls are affordable. They are the best choice for reorganizing various contexts due to their mobility, usefulness, and economic worth. They are ideal for space rebuilding since they are affordable and portable.

Partition walls create new areas without lengthy closures or tearing down existing barriers. Instead, they may be erected in a few hours, saving time and reducing the cost impact on a firm.

At Sin Siang Huat Renovation, we provide a wide range of products at reasonable rates that consider both functionality and aesthetics. We are pleased to offer a superior product that exceeds industry norms.


Consider the visibility before making a wall selection for a partition. Maximum privacy may be necessary for some circumstances, like hospitals and specific areas of an office. You should choose walls that provide additional camouflage because of this.

Solid wood walls, frosted glass partitions, or aluminum walls with integrated blinds are the best options. Yet, in the end, everything comes down to your choices and how much privacy you want to attain.


Space is always a crucial factor whether building a home or an office. Due to limited space, modern design trends have developed to include elements that divide the space for various uses while preserving a consistent look. Partition wall designs are required to make the present area more functional and visually pleasing while maintaining privacy and comfort.

We conclude that after considering some of the various wood partition design concepts to utilize with every room in your house, you will be able to design a striking pattern for the room divider that is not only distinctive but also works well with the grid design of the ceiling.