5 important Things You Should Know Before Execute Your HDB Renovation

5 important Things You Should Know Before Execute Your HDB Renovation

Getting the key of their HDB flat is something really big for all the Singaporeans. Getting a HDB home means that they now have their own place with its authority. Similar to all the proud homeowners the next step would be to do HDB renovation Singapore according to their taste and comfort zone.

If you are also one of those lucky new HDB homeowners then this article is for you. Give it a read to begin your HDB interior designing work. Yes, you can leave most of the work to an appointed interior designer for your house renovation Singapore, but if you know the important things then it will get easy for you to explain that to your interior designer. This way your interior designer can also assure you perfect working and designer for your new home.

Here are the 5 important things you should know before executing your HDB renovation.

1. Designer Should Have ID Professional Listed Under DRC:

Keep in mind that HDB only allows those designer contractors who are DRC (Directory of Renovation Contractor) listed for the HDB renovation and interior designing. This assures that the work getting done is with all the safety precautions and do not damage the HDB property. To get listed in this directory, you should have ID professionals and you can get this after completing your training course that is set by the HDB directory itself. This end up giving you all the needed experience and good track record for working.

If you consider using someone who do not have this ID then most probably you will end up with a fine of almost $5,000 or more with other penalties too. Make sure to check your contractor before signing the final contract.

2. Get HDB’s Written Approval:

Keep in mind that any hacking or demolition of walls whether you are doing it entirely or partially needs you to have HDB’s written approval. Even a verbal one cannot work, you only need a written approval. This is necessary for HDB as it assures them that the demolition or hacking of walls will not effect the structural integrity of the whole building nor there will be any compromise for the safety of public. Same as before, if you do not get written approval then you need to face legal consequences as penalties or hefty fine.

3. Display Your Renovation Notice During Renovation:

First of all your appointed designing contractor must have a permit from the HDB directory before beginning any renovation work. After getting the permit in written form, that renovation notice must be displayed prominently at the flat display entrance and it should be there throughout the whole renovation period. Moreover, if your renovation includes any kind of noise work like walls hacking or tiles then give a written notice to your immediate neighbors as well. And, you need to send that notice three days before at least. 

4. Renovation Needs to Get Done within The Approved Time Period:

Also HDB limit the timing for carrying out HDB renovation Singapore. The general renovation can only get done in between 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. You are not allowed to do any work on Sundays and other public holidays. And if your renovation work includes any excessive drilling or noise work like removing walls or floor finished or knocking down walls then you can only do such work on weekdays in between 9 am to 5 pm. If you have a unit that is BTO, which means built-to-order flat then you need to get your renovation done within three months. And for the existing units, the entire renovation work must need to get done within one month from the day of permit.

5. You Can Only Use HDB Approved Materials:

To make sure that the environment is clean and have quite uniform finishes then you need to use only the HDB’s approved materials like pre-packed cement screed for the floor and pre-packed plaster for the walls. The pre-packed screed is just pre mixed in a factory in a standard ratio. It requires minimal efforts on-site to have high consistency in the final work. Also, it reduces the whole time needed for the completion of renovation work.

Things To Decide Prior of Starting Renovation:

So these are the key things that you need to check on for deciding the contractor for your HDB unit renovation Singapore. However, now here are the key things that you need to decide yourself to make things easier.

· Decide your Theme:

Procrastination is the enemy of all good things. In fact, your procrastination can kill the best home renovation ideas you can make. Never wait after deciding your theme for key collection. This is a creative process and all creative things take time.

· Get Fixtures and Fittings:

Kitchen fittings, lightnings and bathroom fittings are all the important things for your new home. Don’t wait for the renovation to complete to shop for these essentials. In fact, shop for this as your renovation starts as it will take you time to decide which one is the best suitable.

· Shop For Furniture:

This is another essential thing that you need in your new home. After deciding the theme of your house, most of the things are clear. So go for getting furniture too as it takes a lot of time too. Furniture is big thing and it takes time so shop for it as early as possible. So this way at the end all you need is to rest in your newly designed HDB house.

Final Words:

These are all the important things that you should know before executing your HDB renovation. Consider this and begin your renovation work so everything will be on the legal side and you will not be worrying about anything.

Hopefully, this article will help you in your HDB renovation.